a.c. dialling

• striedavá volba

English-Slovak dictionary. 2013.

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  • dialling code — noun A group of numbers dialled to obtain the desired exchange in an automatic dialling system • • • Main Entry: ↑dial * * * dialling code UK [ˈdaɪəlɪŋ ˌkəʊd] US [ˈdaɪəlɪŋ ˌkoʊd] noun [countable] [singular dialling code …   Useful english dictionary

  • dialling tone — or (N American) dial tone noun The continuous sound heard on picking up a telephone receiver which indicates that the equipment is functioning and ready to accept an input telephone number • • • Main Entry: ↑dial * * * dialling tone UK [ˈdaɪəlɪŋ… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Dialling — or dialing usually means to make a telephone call by operating its rotary dial. Etymology The word, dial, comes from the Latin dialis = daily , because a sundial throws a shadow related to the time of day. It was also used to describe the gear in …   Wikipedia

  • dialling — UK US UK (US dialing) /ˈdaɪəlɪŋ/ noun [U] ► the action of making a phone call, for example by pressing a series of buttons: »My phone has a voice dialing function. → See also DIRECT DIALLING(Cf. ↑direct dialling) …   Financial and business terms

  • dialling code — UK US noun [C] (also dial code) ► COMMUNICATIONS a series of numbers used before the main phone number when you phone someone outside your own town, area, or country: »The international dialling code for China is +86 …   Financial and business terms

  • dialling tone — UK US noun [C] UK (US dial tone) ► COMMUNICATIONS the sound that you hear on a phone when you pick it up, before calling a number: »She lifted the receiver and heard the dialling tone. → Compare RINGTONE(Cf. ↑ringtone) …   Financial and business terms

  • dialling code — dialling codes N COUNT A dialling code for a particular city or region is the series of numbers that you have to dial before a particular telephone number if you are making a call to that place from a different area. [mainly BRIT] (in AM, use… …   English dictionary

  • dialling tone — dialling tones N COUNT The dialling tone is the noise which you hear when you pick up a telephone receiver and which means that you can dial the number you want. [BRIT] (in AM, use dial tone) …   English dictionary

  • dialling code — n BrE the numbers at the beginning of a telephone number that represent a specific area of a city or country American Equivalent: area code …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • dialling tone — n BrE the sound you hear when you pick up the telephone that lets you know that you can make a call American Equivalent: dial tone …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • dialling code — ► NOUN Brit. ▪ a sequence of numbers dialled to connect a telephone to an exchange in another area or country …   English terms dictionary

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